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Frequently Asked Questions

​Is CJ Restoration Licensed, Insured, and Bonded?

    Yes we are insured and bonded.  We are also licensed in the cities that require this type of permit or license.

Is CJ Restoration a member in good standing with the Better Business Bureau?

CJ Restoration is an accredited business in good standing with the Better Business Bureau. We work hard to keep this accreditation and know that it is important to our customers to see that we are an accredited company.

How (and why) are my neighbors getting a NEW roof absolutely FREE?

First of all, just like you, they experienced "hail hits" from one (or all) of the "hail storms" which plagued our region in the past months. Secondly, they called CJ Restoration; the Insurance Team, to inspect and then consult with their insurance claims adjusters on sight to help determine whether a replacement or repair to the roof, gutters was warranted.

How do I know if I experienced severe enough damage to justify an inspection?

If hail hits your house, the old saying "Better Safe than Sorry" applies. "Hail Bruises" are not always readily visible--close examination of "hits" will determine whether the integrity of your shingles has been weakened or compromised. Engineering reports have determined that damage due to severe hail may cause "Shingle Trauma" and diminish the overall projected life of a roof by as much as 50%. That can mean the 30-year-roof (which you paid for) is now a 15-year-roof! Please also note that a roof left in disrepair may also affect the manufacturer's warranty.

Do I really need three (3) estimates?

Some people believe that by having three estimates they will somehow save money for themselves or their insurance company. We at CJ Restoration have the same estimating program that most insurance adjusters use, meaning, the same software that they use to help estimate your claim is the same software that we use to build our invoices, which takes the guess work out of pricing.

My shingles are less than 5 years old--shouldn't they be able to structurally withstand the impact of severe hail?

All shingles, no matter age or material (yes, even Wooden Shakes) are affected by the impact of hail to some extent. Do not try to be the judge! Let your insurance adjuster and CJ Restoration determine the severity of the damage. We are the experts!

What if my roof is aged or needs replacing anyway?

Chances are your policy has "replacement cost". No matter what the age or condition is.

My gutters and siding also show signs of hail hits. What can be done to assure the aesthetics of my home are not left in unsightly disrepair?
Again, your insurance claims adjusters and CJ Restoration will determine the extent of the damage. It is not unusual for your insurance company to pay for the repair or replacement of siding and gutter systems. Also, they can approve window screens, AC combs, garage doors and wooden patios marred by the effects of hail. If it shows signs of hail damage, you are entitled to some degree of compensation.

How long do I have to file my claim and what happens if I miss the deadline?
Insurance companies, for the most part, allow one year from the date of the incurred damage. Most insurance carriers will be willing to work with us to assure that you are dealt with fairly.

What if an insurance adjuster has already been out and claims that he/she was unable to substantiate any damage?

It is your right to call for a "re-inspection" with your contractor present. CJ Restoration will represent you and YOUR best interest! You do not have to accept your insurance company's decision.

What if I take the insurance settlement and don't do the repairs?

First, you run the risk of voiding the manufacturer's warranties. Secondly, if you accept the settlement amount (which will only be a portion of the full claim), you will be held liable for any further problems for the repairs that you were compensated for but did not make, i.e. roof leaks leading to interior damage. What seems like "free" money today, may end up costing you even more! We can advise you as to how to get the most out of your insurance dollars. WE ARE HERE TO HELP. Call for your FREE consultation!

Is it possible to upgrade my roof?

Yes, often times the homeowner will elect to upgrade from a 3-tab standard shingle to a dimensional shingle. We can help in this process and can guide the customer towards the best materials to get the job done to their specifications, as well as work within the scope provided by the insurance company.

How long do the repairs take?

This varies greatly depending first on how fast your insurance company approves your claim. In large storm events they can run short of adjusters and get backed up settling claims. Once approved and funded we will move immediately to start work. Other factors affecting the duration will be timely selection of replacement materials, weather conditions and Scope of Work. It is in your best interest to move the project ahead as quickly as possible.

Will I get a final inspection when the work is complete?

Yes, we will always allow for a final homeowner inspection of all work completed.

Do I get a warranty from CJ Restoration?

Yes, at the time of your final inspection you will receive the CJ Restoration warranty and applicable manufacturer warranties.

How do I schedule service?

Simply call our office at1-303-690-9253 and we will immediately schedule a service call to correct the issue.

What is depreciation?

Depreciation is simply the amount deducted from the insurance settlement based on the age of the material being replaced. Don;'t worry, this is not out of pocket for you.  The insurance company releases the Depreciation amount at the end of the restoration.

What is a scope of loss?

This is a document produced by the insurance adjuster once an on-site inspection is conducted. The final document is an itemized list of the damage to your home from the storm event. We work on your behalf to make sure the Scope Of Loss is complete

What is Scope of work?

This defines exactly what work we will be completing on your property and is a direct reflection of the Scope Of Loss provided by the insurance company

What is O&P?

This is another insurance term and refers to an allowance made in the insurance settlement for Overhead and Profit. Overhead and Profit are funds often times added to the end of the project by the insurance company. This is part of the final proceeds paid to CJ Restoration.

What is a supplement?

 It is a common practice to request for monies to be added to the claim, these are called supplements. If approved by the insurance company, CJ Restoration may request the monetary increase to the claim due to factors such as: material or labor price increases, incorrect quantities in the insurance Scope Of Loss, the discovery and repair of additional damage, government fees, and other unforseen factors. All supplements are subject to the approval of the insurance company and are due and payable to CJ Restoration upon receipt.

How are the selections for the new materials made?

Once a Scope of Loss is determined and the settlement approved then we will bring the material selections to your home. On occasion a client will visit our office to make selections.

Do you put a sign in my yard?
Typically we do put a sign in your yard for the duration of the construction. This helps with material delivery and allows to market our services.

Why do I want a representative of CJ Restoration present at the time of adjustment?

We are trained insurance specialists and we will make sure the insurance company's decision is in YOUR BEST INTEREST -- NOT THEIRS!!! This is what we do! We have successfully negotiated new roofs and hail damage repairs for countless homeowners, apartment complexes and businesses. Our job is to protect your interests. Do not be a victim by not calling. Our inspections are always FREE and our Field Supervisors are all professionally trained and courteous.​

How easy is it?

Call to CJ Restoration at 303-690-9253 to arrange for a FREE inspection so an assessment of damage can be confirmed. We'll help you call your insurance company for a claim number. We'll be there when the Insurance Adjuster does their inspection. We want to make sure they don't miss anything.

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